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Photog - Aidan Ryan

Check out my mates band! They’re doing some rad shit. Here’s a photo I snapped of them.
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How did you make that design? Did you do it with pen and paper or adobe illustrator? I would like to start screenprinting and stuff but I have no idea how. Thanks

Just drew it up on Illustrator! It’s a heap of fun! Well I’d try and get into a class haha. That would be the most efficient way to do it. 

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Hey man can you hit me up if the shirts turn out alright? I'd be keen to buy one

Will do my man!

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count me in for one of those mac shirts x

Rad! I’ll keep everyone posted then.

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did you make that mac demarco t shirt?? it's so dope.. how can i get my hands on one

Yeah I drew up the design last night! It’s for my silk screen print making class, so I won’t be printing it until next weekish. I could probably sell you one! Depending on how they turn out haha. I’ll be in touch.

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Peel Back
Awwww yes. Let’s get this on a shirt!
'simplistically beautiful' and 'breathtaking' are just two of many things i wrote in my diary ten months ago about your photography, and to this day it still holds true. a true artist. forever in love with your work. m

Wow. This is excellent. Fully made my stomach drop haha. Thank you for such kind words! You’re pushing me to achieve more with my work :)

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I’ve got a little interview I did with @thecurbside where I talk about my magazine Catch. Have a peek! 💃📰💻
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Falling Season
Burger Rin